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Gold is Money, everything else is credit

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Gold is Money, everything else is credit
by Yassen Batchev - Thursday, 6 August 2015, 5:39 PM

Gold is Money, everything else is credit

HOUSTON, TEXAS, August 6th, 2015 - In 1912 JP Morgan used the words "Gold is Money, everything else is credit”. It's been NonProfit Funds experience that in banking” Credit is everything, and nothing else matters”. We want to change that and put the power of banking back in the people's hands.

Nonprofit Funds has been formed to teach and assist people from all walks of life, be they high income, moderate income or low to very low income families and individuals a basic understanding on the need to keep a budget and why keeping a budget is paramount to success in life.

We teach the differences between Fiat Currencies in banking today and why Asset Backed Banking/Credit Unions are necessary in today's economical climate.

We also teach what we believe will be the change from Fiat Currencies to a standard that has always worked in the past before big government decided to start printing money without backing it with gold and silver. We teach how to start an asset backed Credit Union, 100% backed by Gold and Silver.

Our classes include:

History of Money - From the beginning to current
How to keep and maintain a budget at any income level - introductory
How to start your own Asset Backed Credit Union - Forms and instructions

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